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Beluga, Greater Kailash - II

Category: Food, Wine & NightLife | Tags: Tiramisu, Food Review, Restaurants in South Delhi, GK, Restaurants in Delhi, Chicken Wings, Baklava, Beluga, Restaurants in Greater Kailash, Bistro in Greater Kailash, Lounge in Greater Kailash, Beach Terrace, Tenderloin Burger, Tomato Soup, Tom Yum Chicken Soup, Mesclub of Green, Smoked Chicken Salad, Mushroom Picante, Fussili with Pesto, Beluga Delhi, Beluga GK, Beluga Greater Kailash, Delhi Restaurants
Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 3rd Dec, 2012

Beluga, Greater Kailash - II On a Tuesday night, when we headed to Beluga, a newly opened spot at Greater Kailash - 2 M Block Market in Delhi, we least expected it to instantly make it one amongst our favourite dining and hangout spots in the city. Beluga - a cafe, a lounge and a fantastic beach terrace pleases you in more ways than one. Divided in three levels, this latest entrant in the Delhi dining scene - Beluga is an orange-blue bistro on level one, a high-energy lounge with private party spaces on level...

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Angrezee Dhaba, M Block Market, Greater Kailash - II

Category: Food, Wine & NightLife | Tags: Food Review, Restaurants in South Delhi, Biryani, GK, Kebabs, Angrezee Dhaba, Dhaba, Restaurants in Greater Kailash - II, Restaurants in GK, Dal Makhani, Aloo Parantha, Kheer, Litchi ki Kheer, Malai Tikka, Lassi
Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 11th Jul, 2011

Angrezee Dhaba, M Block Market, Greater Kailash - II If you've stopped over at Dhabas at Highways to grab a bite while traveling, you know how addictive that kind of food is! My journey is definitely incomplete without those desi-butter speared paranthas and that perfectly cooked and perfectly addictive Dal Makhani. Quick service, Onions and Chillies are the freebies. Though the loud sound of the trucks' honking or the cleaniness in the area around could be nerve-wrecking for some. Angrezee Dhaba is the place for you, if you wish to skip the unpleasant...

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Zaffiro at Zaza, Zamrudpur

Category: Food, Wine & NightLife | Tags: Desserts, Pasta, Pita Bread, Hummus, Food Review, Sandwiches, GK, Cafes in South Delhi, Zaza, Cafe, Cafes in Greater Kailash, Lemon Pie
Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 30th Jun, 2011

Zaffiro at Zaza, Zamrudpur Zaffiro is an upbeat and uber cool cafe. It's the kind of place that you would almost instantly like, if not love. And the owner, Rachna adds the perfect tinge of spark and energy to this very contemporary-designed space. Previously at Khan Market, Zaffiro has recently shifted to Zamrudpur right behind N- Block Market of Greater Kailash-I and close to Lady Shri Ram College for Women and is also a part of the very fun and stylish lifestyle store Zaza. The location is very unusual and since...

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Special Ides of March High Tea Platter at the Forgetful Elephant

Category: Fashion & Shopping | Tags: restaurant, Delhi, Forgetful Elephant, GK, March, Ides of March, High Tea Platter
Scribbled by: TCG Team | On: 11th Mar, 2011

Special Ides of March High Tea Platter at the Forgetful Elephant With the advent of spring season, there is a mood of celebration in every sphere, be it fashion, retail or hospitality industry. Following the trend, the newly blossomed restaurant Forgetful Elephant has come up with an amazing concept to lure the customers. To celebrate the season the restaurant is offering Special Ides of March High Tea Platter. This exciting platter comes with a range of sandwiches, cookies, muffins and served with tea or coffee as you may wish. You have the choice to...

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