Lighthouse 13, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket

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Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 29th Feb, 2012

Lighthouse 13 is located on the 1st floor of the MGF Metropolitan Mall in District Centre, Saket, New Delhi. Designed by the iDes-Studio, Lighthouse 13 has elegant and stunning, dimly lit interiors. The space is tastefully done and is perfect for romantic dinners except on weekends when it transforms itself into a party hub. A flashy and glittering stairway leads you to the al fresco dining terrace through the mooned walkway. The terrace comes with its own bar and deck. White Wicker furniture adds a soothing touch while the waterfall wall adds more life to this space!

Despite a breezy cold evening, my friend and I decided to sit at the terrace and enjoy our dinner. Fusion and World Music melodies complimented the ambiance and set the perfect mood for the evening.

Lighthouse 13 features an extensive drinks menu and food menu. The cuisine is mainly Italian and Mediterranean with a few Indian starters.

The drinks menu had interesting and fun concoctions so it's best you skip your regular drinks and order something offbeat. I picked one of Lighthouse Special Cocktails - Perfect Luv (Vodka mix with Strawberry liqueur and lemonade). I'm not a big fan of Vodka-based Cocktails but this was a true Ladies drink. I also tried the Italian Smooch (a cocktail - combination of Brown Sugar, Ginger Syrup, Lemon & chased with Coke). Fun twist to the regular aerated drink, good if you're skipping alcohol. My friend ordered the Classic Dry Martini for himself and absolutely loved it! Through the evening, he also tried the Appletini, which he said was decent, but couldn't match up to the Classic Dry Martini.
On chef's recommendation, we started off our meal with the Cream of Broccoli and Almond Soup. Smooth texture, excellent flavours, so perfectly seasoned and salted - I was absolutely in love with the soup. Deep green in colour, the soup was garnished with chopped almonds. Even my friend, who almost never has vegetarian soups, could not help but praise this one. Must have at Lighthouse 13! It was served with crisp bread sticks.

Next came the Smoked Chicken Salad. Besides Smoked Chicken, the ingredients were Apple, Lettuce and Tomatoes. One of the tastiest Smoked Chicken Salad that my friend and I have had in a while. The veggies were fresh, the smoked Chicken was delightful to bite into and chunks of apple gave a nice touch to the salad. I was already loving this place!

For starters, we tasted plenty of dishes which ranged from okay to good. The Chicken Malai Tikka was passable. Served with half Chur Churi Parantha, Mint Chutney and Green Salad, the Tikka had just okayish flavours but lacked the melt-in-your-mouth texture that is ideal for a Chicken Malai Tikka.

The Shish Taouk - traditional Arabic and Turkish Chicken dish, was well marinated with some interesting spices. Came along Hummus and Pita Bread. Lighthouse 13 has an in-house bakery and a special bakery chef to prepare breads and cakes. The Pita Bread, thus, was very good. It was thin and light. Though I have had better Hummus elsewhere, this was not so bad either.

The Crispy Cheese Wrappers resembled the popular bar dish - Cheese Poppers. They are Lighthouse 13's interpretation of the Spring Rolls. The Cheese Wrappers were crisp and came along with a side salad, which was again well done. As excepted, the Poppers were loaded with cheese but they even had chunks of capsicum and tomatoes inside! Good snack. Must order when you're at Lighthouse 13 drinking and munching with friends. Can skip while at dinner.

The menu features plenty of other options for starters too and you will almost be spoilt for choice. Consult the staff, they will suggest the best from the menu based on your specifications. Service is courteous.   

Main Course
A basket of freshly baked breads was served right after we placed the order for main course. We picked Chicken Stroganoff (Boneless Chicken & Mushroom, cooked in White Wine Cream Sauce and Dijon Whole Grain Mustard, served with Pimento Rice) and Asparagus Crepes (Crepes stuffed with Asparagus & Tomato Concasse served with Cheese Sauce).

The Chicken Stronganoff was the star of the evening and of our dinner. I took my time and relished the tender chunks of Chicken and mushrooms with a rich creamy sauce in the Stronganoff - it was a perfect meal: savoury, creamy and filling! The Mushrooms also gave a nice, meaty flavour to the dish. (Trivia: Traditionally, Stronganoff is prepared with Beef.)

Our next main course, the Asparagus Crepes was heavy, rich, savory and saucy. A total winner. All the veggies in it made it a healthy dish too. Vegetarians - do try!

The menu also features Thin Crust Pizzas, Pastas, Steaks, Fish & Chips, Lamb Chops, Grilled Salmon, BBQ Coriander Prawns, Paella, Fondue, Risotto, Ravioli and more. 

For desserts, my friend and I asked for Tiramisu and the Bomb Mountain Cake. The Tiramisu served was delicious and truly indulgent. The Bomb Mountain Cake is a soft chocolate cake with oozing hot chocolate inside, served with Vanilla Ice Cream. It is sufficient for 2 or even 3 people.

In a nut shell, I had a spectacular meal at Lighthouse 13. The food was the true delight while the ambience, service, decor were cherries on the icing! I'm definitely visiting Lighthouse 13 soon. I recommend, so should you.

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