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Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 24th Feb, 2012

Arza Bibi Kebabs, a Kebabaria as the name clearly mentions, is the new entrant in the city to the many existing Kebab joints. Within a span of few months, the company has established four branches of Arza Bibi Kebabs in New Delhi and NCR. Three of these outlets are located at Gurgaon and the latest one has sprouted up at the elite Khan Market in Delhi.

When it comes to Kebabs, most of us already are loyal customers to one or another Kebabaria - be it Nizam's, Khan Chacha, Saleem's or Aap ki Khatir. So with umpteen options around the city, what makes the new brand - Arza Bibi Kebabs stand out? For starters, Arza Bibi Kebabs takes the hygienic route. The spick and span interiors and a see-through kitchen will instantly make you realize that cleanliness is a priority here, something most Kebabarias give amiss.

I visited the branch at Galleria Market, DLF City Phase - IV with a friend and despite it being a small area accommodating just about 15 people, it was very welcoming. The titled walls are adorned with photographs of various faces of India, the furniture is wooden with glass tables. All of it is moveable so large groups can feel free to make arrangements to sit together. Plenty of home delivery orders and take away orders keep the kitchen busy all day, but many walk-ins choose to enjoy their meal at this cosy place - Arza Bibi Kebabs. Even though self-service prevails here, the staff is very efficient; welcomes and takes your order with a smile and is well-acquainted with the menu. These are pleasant beginnings to a Saturday lunch.

The menu, like all Kebab joints, is not extensive. But Arza Bibi Kebabs deserve applaud for putting in plenty of options for the vegetarians. I have always complained how many popular Kebab joint have almost nothing for vegetarians to enjoy. It's not the same with Arza Bibi Kebabs.

We ordered the Veg Platter (Rs. 200) and the Non-Veg Platter (Rs. 250). The Veg Platter features Paneer Tikka (2 pcs), Veg Seekh Kebab (2 pcs), Mushroom Tikka (4 pcs), Aloo Tikka (2 pcs) and Soya Tikka (8 pcs). I am not a huge fan of Soya Tikkas, but this one was fabulous. Good flavours, light on the stomach. Paneer Tikka and Veg Seekh Kebab were fairly good too. Mushroom Tikka was rather ordinary.

The Non-Veg Platter features Chicken Seekh Kebab (2 pcs), Chicken Tikka (4 pcs), Mutton Tikka (4 pcs) and Mutton Kakori Kebab (2 pcs). The Chicken Seekh Kebab was just about ok while the Mutton Seekh Kebab was juicy, spicy and tasty! The Chicken Tikka and Mutton Tikka were crisp, good to bite into and tasteful. I thought both the Platters are good value for money and filling too. The platters were served with fresh Laccha Onions and Mint Chutney.

We next tried the Galouti Kebab (Rs. 120). These were served with Roomali Roti, Laccha Onions and Chutney. The Galouti Kebabs had delicate flavours, adequate spices and soft textures. Do try this melt-in-your-mouth delight at Arza Bibi Kebabs.

The Chicken Biryani (Rs. 135), our next order, was fairly good too. I couldn't really find anything wrong with the Biryani - the flavours, the spices, the preparation was spot on. The rice were long and nice. The Chicken (with bones) in the Biryani was soft and succulent.

We, in the end, ordered Dal Makhani (Rs. 125) which was served with Roomali Roti, Laccha Onions and Chutney. With enticing aroma and great flavours, this Dal gives amiss to oodles of Butter and Cream and instead is adorned with liberal quantities of Desi Ghee. My absolute favourite at Arza Bibi Kebabs. Except the Dal, almost all the items in the menu are non-greasy and do not feel heavy on the stomach.

Sadly, Arza Bibi Kebabs does not feature any dessert in their menu yet. However, we were told that they're in the process of finalizing some desserts for their chain of restaurants.

So, what's the verdict? Well, I'm sure Arza Bibi Kebabs is not going to replace Nizam's, Khan Chacha and the likes. But instead, will find a place of its own. Arza Bibi Kebabs' appeal lies in serving a fairly tasty meal in hygienic conditions and striking a good balance between healthy and tasty. Go try!

Below are the details for Arza Bibi Kebabs outlets in Gurgaon & New Delhi - 
Arza Bibi Kebabs, SG 69, Ground Floor, Galleria, DLF City Phase-IV, Gurgaon, +91-124-4280639
Arza Bibi Kebabs, A-215 & 216, Super Mart-1, DLF City Phase-IV, Gurgaon, +91-124-4218211
Arza Bibi Kebabs, G 7, Ground Floor, Central Plaza Mall, Sector - 53, Gurgaon, +91-124-4281864
Arza Bibi Kebabs, Shop No. 15-B, Khan Market, New Delhi, +91-11-41515874

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