Sunday Brunch at MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott

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Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 8th Jul, 2011

Whenever I head out to eat (or indulge), I'm almost always confused about what to pick from the menu. A little of everything I like should suffice. But alas!

Thank God (or chefs) for buffets! Yes, you (or at least I) do tend to slightly over eat at buffets, but its totally worth it provided the food is yummilicious! Sadly, most places you visit, and if you're intrigued enough to notice, you'll find that almost half the stuff on offer is not fresh. At least, not as fresh as you'd expect for the hefty price you pay. That's a true heart-breaker! To find your breads not soft enough, your soup not warm enough, the veggies not fresh enough and your chicken not marinated or seasoned well. That's when finding a great spot and a value-for-money buffet is almose like winning a jackpot! In fact sometimes you don't even mind a slightly expensive price tag for an overwhelming spread.

So last Sunday, I visited the MoMo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott at Sushant Lok in Gurgaon for their Sunday Brunch. The place was very warm and vibrant. First things first, the charges for the Sunday Brunch Buffet are Rs. 1500, plus taxes. If you wish to enjoy alcohol along with your brunch, you need to shell out Rs. 750 extra in which you can pick from both IMFL and Imported Liquor section. Quite a steal the liquor buffet is! Want more? Even if you're not an in-house guest at the Courtyard by Marriott, you get free access to the pool if you come down for a Sunday Brunch here!  

And don't worry about the kids - they have a fun section to themselves with art and craft activities, Jumping Jack and a special brunch spread with Potato Smiley, Hakka Noodles, Vegetable Puffs, Mini Burgers with Vegetables and Scrambled Eggs, Candies and more. They can fix their own plates or at least pick what they like with your help. In any case, you wouldn't have to fret over your naughty little ones, they would probably just be busy with the activities happening!

The Brunch, as expected, has a mix of Breakfast and Lunch items. I skipped the Breakfast favourites like Waffles, Pancakes, Egg Benedict, Dosas et al. But if you're interested, you should definitely give it a shot! The best bit about the Brunch were the many live counters - Pizza, Pasta, Grill with Tiger Prawns, chicken, lamb chops, tenderloin steaks, Carving with Turkey and wellington, Create your own Hot dogs and sandwich, Create your own salad, Noodle bar, Sushi Bar, Dessert of the Week and Candy Counter. Of these, I found the Create your own Hot Dogs/Sandwiches, Create your own Salad and the Dessert of the Week counters the most appealing!

I totally dig on salads and it was quite fun to toss one for myself. The ingredients were fresh, definitely. Also, apparently the serving bowls at the Brunch here have less depth which makes them refill often and keep the food fresh. You can also choose what you would like in the salad and have the servers mix it for you with adequate seasoning. The same counter had breads, soups and a fab option to make your own hot dogs and sandwiches which was quite a favourite amongst the guests! That's also the place where you could request for a live pasta or a freshly made hand-tossed, thin-crust pizza. Both the things - Pasta and Pizzas that I tried were great!

People also seemed to love the Sushi Counter and the Live Noodle Bar bang opposite the Salads/Hot Dog counter which I skipped. Instead, I headed to hit the main course. There were Indian Options - Meat Masala, Butter Chicken, Kadai Paneer, Navratan Korma, Dal Makhni, Subz Biryani, Mirchi ka Salan and Assorted Papads and Chutneys and Western Options - Oven-Roast Potato with Shallots, Stuffed Zucchini with Olives and Cheese, Eggplant Messina, Tenderloin Picatta, Pan-seared Pomfret with Putranesca Sauce and Chicken Roulade with Carrot, Leeks and Mushroom. Fancy, filling and fairly well done.

What's a good meal worth without some fabulous desserts? MoMo Cafe had a whooping variety of desserts and I can bet you can't try all. Especially not after digging into the brunch spread. So here's what I had to choose from - Rum Balls, Beesting, Honey comb, Chocolate mocha and pistachio roulade, Chocolate, lemon butter japonaise cake, Fresh mango mousse, Strawberry and pistachio yoghurt parfait, Baked raspberry cheese cake, Creamy prune and apricot pie, Macrons, Steamed sourcream and coconut pudding, Motichoor laddoo with rabri, Rice kheer, Baked orange custard and Churros! Churros were the specials of the day and they were lovely. If you don't already know, Churros are Mexican desserts - chewy, doughy sticks that are fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Add some chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream and viola - you get a perfect way to finish off the meal! Be sure to try something new and fun at this live dessert counter during the Brunch. Last week, I hear, they did Live Apple Jalebis!

If you're in mood for a relaxed yet fancy Sunday Brunch this weekend or simply wondering where to head for an indulgent, great meal with friends or family - the Sunday Brunches at the MoMo Cafe at Courtyard by Marriott are great options! Leave your kids to enjoy at the kids entertainment area, take a dip in the pool, fix yourself some salads and hot dogs, listen to the fabulous live musicians that MoMo Cafe brings in for live entertainment, soak in the enjoyment and taste the sweetness of the perfect kind of Sunday!

You can read about the Sunday Brunches here. Or refer for details below:

Address: C/o Marriott Hotel
B-Block, Sector - 27
Sushant Lok, Gurgaon

Phone: +91-124-4888444

Brunch Timings: 12:30 PM to 4 PM

Brunch Charges: Rs. 1500 for food and beverages, plus taxes per person. Rs. 750 extra for unlimited Alcohol - Imported and Domestic

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