Angrezee Dhaba, M Block Market, Greater Kailash - II

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Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 11th Jul, 2011

If you've stopped over at Dhabas at Highways to grab a bite while traveling, you know how addictive that kind of food is! My journey is definitely incomplete without those desi-butter speared paranthas and that perfectly cooked and perfectly addictive Dal Makhani. Quick service, Onions and Chillies are the freebies. Though the loud sound of the trucks' honking or the cleaniness in the area around could be nerve-wrecking for some. Angrezee Dhaba is the place for you, if you wish to skip the unpleasant bits of eating at actual Dhabas.

Angrezee Dhaba brings the authentic Dhaba fare in the up-market , M Block Market of Greater Kailash - II. Located on the second floor, opposite Lakme Studio, the Angrezee Dhaba is a decently-sized place accommodating upto 40 persons. The interiors are done in red colour, red-cushioned chairs and sofas and dhaba-pictures on the wall. The utensils are all steel to give the real feel of eating at a Dhaba. The place is clean and hygienic.

We started off with sweet Lassi - pretty decent, the kinds you can probably make for yourself at home and a glass of Fanta. The non-vegetarian kebab platter (Rs. 333) and the vegetarian kebab platter (Rs. 199) came next. The non-vegetarian platter had Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kebab and Malai Tikka. All the meats were good (tender and cooked well), Malai Tikka being the best of all. Seekh Kebab was passable though. From the vegetarian platter, I quite liked the Dahi ke Kebab and Makke de Kebab. The Stuffed Aloo (potato) was stuffed with Paneer Burji and the exteriors were covered with a layer sesame seeds. Paneer Tikka was just regular. Onions and Mint Chutney are served along with the platters. If you need more, ask away! They are pretty generous with the accompaniments - just like at real Dhabas!

For main course, we ordered definitely more than what two people could polish off. Here's what we had - Dal Makhani (Rs. 155), Aloo Parantha, Butter Naan (Rs. 26), Murgh Gharana (Quarter - Rs. 188, Half - Rs. 266, Full - Rs. 399), Subz Biryani (Rs. 166), Khadey Gosht Biryani (Rs. 199) and Pineapple Raita. The Dal Makhani was typical Dhaba-like. I loved it! Have it with the parantha of your choice, pour in the butter, munch on the onions along or the mirchi ka achar (pickle) and you know that they have named the placed very aptly (Angrezee Dhaba). The Murgh Gharana was a specialty, but could have been better I suppose. Should have probably tried the butter chicken too. The Biryanis, both - Subz and Gosht, were great! Ample amounts of vegetables and lamb and nice, fresh flavours.

The desserts specialty is the Lychee ki Tehri (Rs. 66). Very different and nice. Sliced and chopped Litchis mixed with Rabdi and garnished with dry fruits. We were just thinking of ordering Gulab Jamuns when our server advised us to try the specialty. Glad we did!  

With the prices, the service and the tastes, Angrezee Dhaba is quite a steal. A must visit if you're a fan of Dhaba-style cooking or if you're wanting to try that stuff. Enjoy the desi-fare with traditional tastes and flavours at a place that gives you the comforts and hygiene of dining in a restaurant. Must visit. 

Details about Angrezee Dhaba

Cuisine:            North Indian
Address:           M-72 A, M-Block Market, Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi
Phone Number: +91-11-45792712, 45792713, 7838434222
Timings:           11:30 AM to 12 AM
Facilities:          Dine In, Home Delivery, Take Away


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Matchbox Pub & Grub, Hauz Khas Village

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Matchbox Pub & Grub is amongst the new additions to the Hauz Khas Village that now has one too many places. Amidst all the rush in HKV now, it is important for newbies to stand apart to be able to attract people and keep pulling them back. Matchbox Pub & Grub, in that respect, has tried a bit too hard and has hit the home run in many areas. First Looks - Decor First, there is superb attention to detail in sketching out the layout of the place. The efforts and thoughts behind the place deserve an applause. At the same time, there’s a bit too much happening with posters of sports, music, films and more on the walls. To give a vintage, old-world feel to the place there’s a London telephone booth on one corner, another one adorns a drum set. The place is reminiscent of so many others; elements of all put together. A part of me likes the detailing; a part of wishes they do a little less. Food Talk - Menu The menu is like a daily newspaper; nice touch but very hard to read in the dim lighting in the evenings. Torch apps on the phone and recommendations from the staff came handy. We started off with beers and a cocktail - Fragrance (Rs. 356) which was essentially Guava Juice and Vodka with some magic portion (read: syrup) that made this taste too darn good! To go along, we ordered a bunch of starters between the three of us. Try the Vegetarian Bruschetta, excellent executive with buttered bread topped with fresh tomatoes and pesto; this one is a must try. Pigs in a Blanket, sausages wrapped in bacon, is getting really popular in Delhi Restaurant menus. At Matchbox, my two friends had dispute over whether this was good or not. While one loved it, the thought it was rather ordinary. I suggest, you try. The Fish and Chips (Rs. 325), the regular pub grub, was good. Stuffed Mushrooms with Herbs & Cheese (Rs. 245) and Cottage Cheese Shashlik (Rs. 345) were both loved on our table despite the majority of non-vegetarians. For main course, we ordered the Classic Maggi (Rs. 165) expecting a Mocha-style Maggi that comes topped with veggies and cheese, maybe. What we got was bloody interesting Thai-style Maggi with some fab flavours. We skipped desserts for reasons to come back another time. Music, Service and everything else The music was a tad bit too loud; but then again we were too close to the console and it was Saturday night. I would still have loved it a notch lower though. The service was good, the staff was attentive and well-aware of the menu. Overall, it was a good experience. I didn’t come out of Matchbox Pub overwhelmed or with the feeling of ‘can’t-wait-to-go-back’. But it is definitely a welcome addition to the village and seeing the commitment of the two guys who have put this place together and their love for the place, I see it as growing into something memorable. And of course, if you’re looking for a haunt to enjoy rock music, this is where you should be.

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The Great Kabab Factory at Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur

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Scribbled by: Sonika | On: 18th Jun, 2014

The Great Kabab Factory at Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur The Great Kabab Factory is one of my favourite dining places in Delhi. In fact, when my folks first discovered it at Sector - 18, Noida more than a decade ago, we visited it every two weeks. The Great Kabab Factory, as a brand, is one of the few places that has maintained quality and served delicious kababs over the years, without any lack in service and attention. I have to admit. Every time I have plans to visit the Great Kabab Factory for dinner, I almost starve myself the whole day to do justice to the food served there. And it's one of the two things that I'd recommend to all new visitors - go there with a huge appetite. Second - make it a point to try everything that is served till the last portion of desserts. It's absolutely worth it. My recent visit was at The Great Kabab Factory at Radisson Blu Hotel, Mahipalpur and this was my first visit to this outlet. And the reason why I was hugely excited was because this is their flagship outlet under the guidance of master chef Meraj Ul Haque, who comes from a famous Qureshi family in Lucknow. If you don’t already know, here’s how the concept works - Once you're seated, one of the staff members runs you through the concept. You're asked to choose between vegetarian menu and non-vegetarian menu. Both include fresh salad with a dressing, 6 kababs (vegetarian/non-vegetarian, depending on your choice), Buttermilk (Chaas), Biryani, Raita, two Dals (Lentil preparations), one Subzi of the day, assorted breads and four types of desserts. Four different types of Chutneys are placed on your table - Mint Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Tamarind Chutney and Peanut Yogurt along with a plate of Laccha Onions with a slice of Lemon on the side. Different specialty breads are served to you along with a few specific Kababs through your meal. You're served it all, one at a time, in the above order and you can have unlimited portions of everything! Salads The salads are usually a mix of raw cucumber, tomato, papaya, watermelon/pineapple along with a dressing of the day (mustard/strawberry/pineapple). Very refreshing and absolutely fresh! We were served the strawberry dressing, which is my favourite at TGKF. Kababs Next start the Kababs. The signature kababs come first - Galouti Kabab (for carnivores) and Subz Galouti (for vegetarians). The Galouti Kababs are served with the Ulte Tawe ki Roti and your server would explain you that the best way to enjoy this particular kabab is to roll it in the Ulte Tawe ki Roti with Laccha Onions and Mint Chutney. Other Kababs follow like Amritsari Paneer Tikka, Chutneywale Aloo, Ananasi Chaat, Tandoori Mushroom for the vegetarians and Barrah Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Jungli Macchi Tikka, Murgh Tikka Masala for the non-vegetarians. You're served Buttermilk after one round of Kababs and encouraged to have it as well, as it helps in digestion. It will definitely make you feel a wee bit lighter after the heavy-dose of delicious Kababs. Feel free to ask for many more servings of your favourite Kababs. They're served hot and fresh, straight from the live kitchen and each time you ask for a refill, fresh kababs are prepared. Speciality breads like Sheermal, Taaftan and Bakarkhani are also served with the kababs. Mostly any two of these are served besides the Ulte Tawe ki Roti. The favourite kababs from our brunch menu were Galouti Kabab, Achari Jhinga, Bhatti ka Chooza and Kokum Macchi Tikka for the non-vegetarians. For vegetarians, the best were Subs Galouti, Aloo Imliwale and Litchi ke Kebab. Of all my visits to TGKF, I have never had the Litchi ke Kebab and let me tell you, they were fantastic. Crisp outer coating with juicy, yummy litchi inside. Main Course Once you're done with the Kababs, Biryani and Raita comes next. There will be a Subz Biryani and a Murgh Biryani or Lamb Biryani. Though the Raita is done well, the Biryani is passable. My advice - avoid it. Keep space for the yummy things to follow like the dals. Dal Factory (which is the signature dal of the Great Kabab Factory) is delicious and flavourful - very unlike the Biryani. Also, another Lentil preparation along with a Subzi of the day is served. A non-vegetarian preparation is also served. Try them with assorted breads (Naan, Butter Naan, Tandoori Roti, Lacha Parantha, Pudina Parantha). Knowing that by the time the guest reaches the main course, he is almost full, the people at the Great Kabab Factory have kept the sizes of the Indian breads rather small. Very thoughtful, indeed. The main course is not as mind-blowing as the Kababs but a must-have nonetheless. Desserts No meal is complete without desserts. If you love Indian desserts, you'll be delighted by the variety and tastes of desserts served at the Great Kabab Factory. Generally, there are four types of Indian desserts prepared every day besides the three-four flavours of Ice Cream available. The desserts include Shahi Tukra, Phirni, Til wali Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Seviyan and more. The best bit, you can try all! Also, don't miss the signature Paan Ice Cream and Rose Ice Cream at TGKF! This time around, we had kulfi and jalebi. The Jalebi was not crisp, not yummy at all. The kulfi however, was darn good. Service The staff at the Great Kabab is well-trained, attentive and courteous. They know-it-all about their kababs and very helpful. You'll be asked about the speed of your service and served according to your convenience. So for instance, you want them to slow down the speed of bringing different kababs to your table, you can simply ask them. You will also be asked about the flavours and spices in your kababs and you can specify if you wish low, medium or high spices. The staff encourages you to try everything and that actually is amazing! Ambiance & Decor The decor in each of the outlets of the Great Kabab Factory resembles one another. From the cutlery down to the uniform of the staff, everything is exactly similar in all the branches. An open kitchen, fairly comfortable seating, blue-coloured glasses, old brass utensils used as decorative items on the walls and slabs, folk instrumental music and slight-dim lighting signify the decor of the restaurant. The ambiance is warm, credits to the staff and service. On weekends, however, it could be quite loud and noisy. Should you visit? YES! You're going to love the succulent kababs and more importantly, the entire experience of dining at TGKF. And you're going to come back for more. Things to note Menu: The menu at the Great Kabab Factory is a fixed menu of day and no a la carte is available. If you're looking for small meals and a la carte selection, this definitely isn't the place for to visit. But if you're all in for eat-all-you-can delicious kababs and North Indian fare, head over right away! Timings of service: Most outlets of the Great Kabab Factory are only open for lunch and dinner. However, this differs for each outlet. Do check before you visit. Price: The price for a meal per person differs across all outlets, with those being inside hotels, being the most expensive and stand-alone restaurants being the cheapest. The price also differs for weekdays and weekends. Price for a meal for kids is generally lower. Drinks: Besides Buttermilk, any other drink you may order is chargeable. Most outlets of TGKF serve liquor besides soft drinks and beverages. Kababs/Dishes: The kababs and dishes served change everyday with only the signature kababs being served everyday. If you're particular about wanting some kababs, do check the fixed menu of the day, before visiting. Apparently, the Great Kabab Factory has a pool of over 400 kabab dishes and special spices that are used. This explains the consistency in flavours at TGKF outlets. The Reservation: Reservation is not mandatory at these restaurants but definitely advisable, especially if you're a big group or heading out to dine at TGKF on weekends. Why keep yourself waiting for delicious food? Play safe, make a reservation.

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