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Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon

Ist Floor, Laxmi Sadan
Jungli Maharaja Road, Above Mufti
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-411004
+91-9765409011, 9823377407

Recent Reviews :

I visited your branch at Sky Max Mall in Viman Nagar, Pune yesterday, and what I experienced was nothing short of 30 minutes of misery. I walked in, accepted your very reasonably priced haircuts (truly they are reasonable), and spoke to my assigned hair dresser. Unfortunately I was unable to catch his name, but he was of a small built and had the personality of a serial killer (of hair). 


The first thing I did was tell him that I have been growing my hair for a while and I am trying to grow it further, and all he had to do was trim it down and even it out a little. Little did I know that he would take that as a threat to his existence and look at me as if I had shamed his entire family. He kept insisting that 4-5 inches needed to go, and I kept saying that I don't really care. Mr. Habib, I am an advertising professional, and if there is one thing I've learnt, its that the client is always right. 


After a tough struggle that lasted 10 minutes and almost cost me a few tears, he began to chop away with a devious grin that told me he had the power and there was nothing I could do about it. I watched as hair started falling, snips became locks, and locks became chunks. There I was, powerless, as this hair murderer hacked away at my long waves. I began to sob on the inside just dreading what he'd do next. 


Despite me taking him through my haircut with step-by-step instructions, I got something I never ever wanted. My hair has a mind of its own, and after years of looking at it everyday, I have devised a carefully chalked out plan to make it look presentable, and that's what I paid for. But apparently your barber boy thought I was his practice doll, that he could do what he liked and I wouldn't say anything. Oh, and Mr. Habib, he actually looked away as he snipped at my hair and cut off 2-3 inches that didn't need to be cut, with some fancy scissor that he liked ruining my hair with. 


After the bloodshed, he started to clean up. I noticed that the front was longer in parts and highly uneven, and this is coming from me, someone with no hair cutting experience. I didn't want to boost up his demonic levels again, so I just decided to get another hair cut the next day, and I did. And guess what, its awesome!


I also want to bring to your notice that all this while, he was pulling my hair as if we were starring in a Garnier ad. Oh, and this is a good one, he burnt my scalp till I yelped as his devious grin grew wider. Honest!


Mr. Habib, I don't doubt your skills. You are obviously one of the most successful hair stylists in our country, but you might want to rethink hiring men straight out of the barber's shop to come and cut women's hair. After all, what do they know about the pains of straightening one's unruly fringe, and more so growing it. 


I really hope you take this into consideration and don't let your minions ruin other people's hair. As for me, that was my last visit to your salon. 

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Pbma's H.V.Desai Eye Hospital

S.No-93, Tarawade Vasti, Mohammadwadi, Hadapsar, Off Nibm Road, Corinitam Club
Pune - 411028

Recent Reviews :

suffering from low vision and myopia from childhood and require eye treatment or eye transplant . Deep tulshidas mulik. contact no 9423863894

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Kadam Wak - Wasti, Loni Kalbhor
Solapur highway
Hadapsar, Pune
+91-9923011777, 9373087713

Recent Reviews :

Had a pleasant and joyful weekend at Sanskruti amidst lush greenery. Loved the food specially Gujarati-Rajasthani style Thali. coupons came in handy saving 150 on each one of us for entry ticket which is amazing!

Do check UPto75 before planning ur getaway to Sanskruti for all that discounts...

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Sanskruti Resort

Solapur Highway, Wackvasti
Opp. Indian Oil Compound, Loni
Hadapsar, Pune-411028

Recent Reviews :

Went to this amazingly peaceful and serene Cultural Garden with family on a weekend. Loved the Thali food and relaxing atmosphere. coupons were a win-win deal and saved me a ton!

Do check this coupons before you plan on your trip!

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Jimmy Hu

390, Sanskruti Lifestyle Complex
Lane 7
Koregaon Park, Pune-411001

Recent Reviews :

This place knows the last thing about customer service! I visited them last evening with my family. Wife 2 kids & me. I get welcomed at the door, we seat ourselves down they bring us the menu card. When we are browsing through it the guys at the next table call the waiter & say something to him. He come us to us and says that kids are not allowed. Basically we are not welcome. I have no problem with them not wanting my kids around but what the hell were they thinking when they welcomed us & showed us to our seats. Also there is not one sign which states kids are not welcome. I wonder how they handle underage kids drinking in their place given their strict policies? (I can swear I saw some)

I walked out expressed my displeasure to the staff who were not even apologetic but had the audacity to tell me that I could go to their next restaurant next door. I thanked him but declined. Told him I would never return & would definitely let folks know this experience.

Guys get your act together! Just having a pretty looking place in a posh locality does not guarantee your sustenance. I have seen many such places crop up & fade away. If you're in the hospitality business get your basics right! ... And dont bother with your sorry ass responses to this post. I have already formed my opinion of you.

Kalyani Veg Restaurant

Fortaleza, Dunkirk Line
Opposite Gold Adlabs
Kalyani Nagar, Pune-411014
+91-20-26608866, 26686737

Recent Reviews :

Kalyani Restaurant is one of the best place for vegetarian food lovers in Pune. They have a huge variety of vegetarian dishes in the menu, Quality is good and and the taste is very delicious. Their service is also very fast, the sitting area is big and clean, price are also fine for such a good food. But you just have to wait for a little as it always fully occupied. Highly recommended this place to everyone!

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London Muffin Bakery

Lane No. 8, Princeton Flair
Next To Forennte Patisserie
Koregaon Park, Pune

Recent Reviews :

Heard a lot about this place and finally able to make it in June. Trust me this place is awesome. My Favorites are poppy seed variations, donuts and cream filled buns. A must visit for who loves Donuts, Bagels and Muffins.

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The Corinthians Boutique Hotel

Nyati County
NIBM Annexe
Kondhwa, Pune-411060
+91-20-26970900, 26970206

Recent Reviews :

We are in office conferrence which is conducted at Bonboutique hotel near NIBM road. The hotel is really wonderful very specious and beautiful from inside and outside as well. As after the meeting ends we all went for lunch. Food is very good, and the service is quite good. Hotel is wi-fi enabled. Big conference room. Great to be in Corinthians Boutique Hotel. Its really Awesome

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Hotel Sagar Plaza

1, Bund Garden Road
Mahatma Gandhi Road, Pune-411001

Recent Reviews :

We are on honeymoon last year in pune. Stayed in Hotel Sagar plaza we are not aware about this hotel. We are in fear about the comfort zone. But we have to stay near MG road so we give a chance. We found the ambience is quiet good we book a honeymoon suite for us. The Suite is excellent and the service is at it best. Hotel is florish with all new amenities. Had a very good experience. We both enjoyed alot.

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Body & Soul

201, 2nd Floor, Sai Apex
Datta Mandir Chowk
Viman Nagar, Pune

Recent Reviews :

They distribute coupons for free services to promote their brand. But when you go with the coupon to try it out..they treat you like beggars! No manners at all! Stay away! The branch manager herself, is mannerless. They do not have basic etiquettes to talk to customers. I am talking about the Bhandarkar road branch.

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