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Chala Mussaddi - Office Office

Chala Mussaddi - Office Office Starring : Pankaj Kapoor, Deven Bhojani, Manoj Pahwa, Sanjay Mishra, Hemant Pandey, Asawari Joshi
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Release Date : 5th Aug, 2011
Genre : Comedy, Social
Language : Hindi
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A pensioner is not dead, but his officials believe he is. Not only they declare him dead on office paper, but also mopped up his pension money. The only way the common man can get justice is to prove he’s not dead.

Chala Mussadi puts a powerful slap at the ugly face of Indian bureaucracy, red tapi-ism, office culture and the corrupt system. This satire has a troubled protagonist who represents thousands of real life common men who’re helpless and hopeless and stand mercy at the rigid, corrupt official system. The film tries to deliver a noble message but the overfill of wrongly handled emotions and a shaky treatment make it a rather dull cinematic piece.

Cut to the plot: Mussadi Lal (Pankaj Kapoor) is a pensioner who loses his wife over a malpractice done by a set of doctors and medical staff. Post the incident, he heads to pilgrimage with his son to immerse her remaining ashes into the holy river. When he returns home, a string of shocks greet him one after the other: There’s no power supply at home, many basic facilities have been wiped out of his home and more importantly, he has been declared dead by the official of pension department. The corrupt officials are not ready to  believe he’s alive and the only way he can get justice is to put a solid witness about his survival. With little help around, the common man resolves to settle things and teach the officials a lesson.

Inspired from the popular sitcom Office Office, the film tries to highlight how deep the level of corruption is prevalent in the bureaucracy and that how common men are systematically exploited in the name of law and rules. Pankaj Kapoor acts perfectly well and suits the role of a common man. The office employees do a fair job but they somehow fail to leave an impact. No one stands unique and charming enough to be remembered. There’re shots of emotions, but these are more than justified. The story fails to get a grip over the subject. The treatment is insipid and could have been way better. Overall, the film deals with an important issue but fails to stand up to the expectations.

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