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Monsoon Recipes from The Park New Delhi - Herb Crumb Bekti Tomato Emulsion

Scribbled by: Megha | Date: July 23, 2014

The lovely monsoon is here! And we all know that rains are best enjoyed with lip smacking food. So, the moment we received the monsoon special recipes from The Park New Delhi, we knew we have to share this with you all. After all, happiness multiplies when shared with others, especially with those you love. There’s no doubt that we love our readers and here’s our way of expressing it. Enjoy the recipe and you can thank us later! :P Ingredients (Serves 1): Bekti chunks - 240 grams Fresh bread crumbs - 80 grams Parmesan - 50 grams Parsley/thyme /dill - 10 grams Dijon mustard - 16 grams Olive oil - 50 mils Butter - 25 grams Asparagus - 50 grams Carrots - 50 grams Zucchini - 50 grams Potatoes - 50 grams Cherry tomatoes - 25 grams Balsamic vinegar - 5 grams Tomatoes - 250 grams Tomato juice- 25 grams Salt - 10 grams Black pepper - 8 grams Method: 1. Season the fish slices with salt and pepper keep a side. 2. Wash, clean and cut the vegetables and potatoes in to triangles or desired shape of your choice, wash and chop thyme / parsley / dill and keep aside. 3. Make the fresh bread crumbs topping, for the fresh crumb mixture - fresh crumbs, parsley, solid butter, Parmesan cheese. 4. Heat the tava and sear the fish with olive oil till it gets a light brown color on both sides of the fish. 5. Mean while for the sauce in a pan heat olive oil saute onion garlic and add in washed and diced tomato chunks saute till the tomatoes are cooked well add in tomato juice and whole thyme cook for about five minutes on the burner. 6. Then take the tomato mixture and pass it through a blender, blend well and strain reserve the juice obtained discard the pulp, keep aside. 7. Once the fish is seared, then apply mustard on the upper surface of the fish and put the crumb mixture and bake for 3 minutes at 220 degrees in the oven. 8. Meanwhile heat a pan and add olive oil to the pan and saute the veggies and the potatoes and finish it with the chopped herb (thyme/parsley/dill), season well. 9. In a pan heat olive oil and mix it with the strained tomato juice and whisk well till it is almost blend, season. 10. For plating - Plate the veggies on the base and pile up the herb crumb fish. 11. Spoon the tomato emulsion on the plate. 12. Garnish (optional) - sauteed cherry tomatoes, tossed in balsamic vinegar and grilled lime wedge. We have one more recipe for you. So, stay tuned and don’t forget to tell us how you liked this recipes in the comments below.

It wasn't a bird. It wasn't a plane. Francesco's Pizzeria, Mumbai gets pizza delivered by Drone - #DroneDeliversPizza

Scribbled by: Megha | Date: May 22, 2014

You sure can't spot Superman saving lives in Mumbai (or for that matter even in New York). But you can surely spot some drones delivering pizzas in the Mumbai sky. Francesco's, the boutique pizzeria at the posh High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel recently conducted a test flight of an unmanned drone to a decoy customer. And, guess what! The drone successfully delivered the pizza. Coolness! The pizza boutique also made a video of the entire deal. Whether the concept will get a green signal from the security officials is not known as of now. While they decide, you can order in some pizza, get some soda, watch the video and hope for the best. Enjoy!

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