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La Vie at Khan Market, Delhi

Scribbled by: Sonika Mehta | Date: August 12, 2014

As we drove to Khan Market to visit the newest pizzeria, La Vie, we wondered how this one would fare any different from the plethora of restaurants and cafes that serve wood-fired, thin crust pizzas in Delhi, and we wondered if our drive from Gurgaon to this petite, cosy cafe will be worth it. Placed next to Khan Chacha, right below Chonas and opposite Big Chill, La Vie has two entry doors, accessible from both the inner lane and the outer lane - very strategic. La Vie has a very warm, inviting vibe; you will know this almost instantly as you enter. While I loved the cute meet classy decor of this tiny cafe-restaurant and the purple cushioned chairs were equally adorable, I did wish they had better back rest. Like me, you may feel a little back of comfort if you’re not sitting on the sofa. While we browsed through the menu, contemplating what to order while wondering why this Italian cafe has a French name, we were greeted by Anirudh Gupta, the man behind this latest entrant in Khan Market. He with his passion and honesty gave us company through the evening for our dinner. You’d be interested to know, the owner is a vegetarian and hence, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes on the menu. La Vie bakes their own bread, do their own chilli oils and dips; they’re pretty darn good at it. The Garlic Bread, which was fabulous but slightly dry by itself, was great with the Chilli Oils. The Pesto dip was perfect and even though I thought the Salsa Dip was a tad bit too ketchupy, my friend absolutely loved it and saved it to have along the pizza as well! Our half and half pizza, a Chicken Mexicana and Pizza Tomatina had the perfect thin-crust, and came loaded with generous toppings and not-so-generous cheese and the idea of calling La Vie a pizzeria completely made sense then. On the other hand, the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Basil Pesto sauce was a little short of perfection due to lack of seasoning. Oregano and Chilli flakes came to rescue. From the mains, try the Barbeque Chicken with Lemon Butter Sauce that comes with fresh, crunchy, grilled vegetables, and delightful mashed potatoes which you can swap for rice pilaf. The Lemon Butter Sauce was spectacular. For desserts, we were very tempted to order the Blueberry Cheese Cake but we were sure it wouldn’t beat our favourite at the Big Chill Cafe. So we went for the Chocolate Truffle Cake that was beautiful with just the right texture. La Vie awaits Liquor license but has some darn good mocktails on the menu; their specialty drink La Vie Da, a spicy, tangy cocotion is noteworthy. Equally good here are the shakes that are done with low-fat milk. The live kitchen gives you a full view of the wood-fired oven. The world music and the warm vibe, coupled with La Vie’s great food are reasons enough for us to return and for you to stop by when you’re looking for a cosy cafe in Khan Market.

Culinary Session by Chef Veena Arora at The Imperial Culinary Club

Scribbled by: Megha | Date: August 22, 2014

The best thing about Thai cuisine is that it is both healthy and delicious! We learnt this and a lot more at the fab Thai recipes session hosted by celebrity Chef Veena Arora at The Imperial Culinary Club, The Imperial New Delhi. The award-winning chef (The Spice Route) pulled her gloves and wore her apron to host an action packed afternoon. The event saw the presence of many culinary enthusiasts and media all excited to learn Thai cooking secrets from the masterchef herself. Chef Veena began the live cooking demonstration with her famous starter’s recipe Yum Mamuang - a spicy and tangy Thai raw Mango salad. For the meat-lovers, she tossed up a flavourful Laab kai - Thai minced chicken salad with roasted glutinous rice. This was followed by another hearty delight for non-vegetarians called the Phad Phed Kai - wok fried chicken and green beans with red curry paste. While the vegetarian audience enjoyed their Phad Thai Chae - stir fried Thai rice noodles with chives and leeks flavoured with tamarind juice, palm sugar and crushed peanuts. Kai Kraphao was the last recipe for the afternoon which was much appreciated by the non-vegetarian audience. Each dish had a very distinct flavour and preparation style which Chef Veena taught about really well during the entire live session. The lively interaction between the chef and the audience made the event very informative yet memorable. The cheerful afternoon came to a perfect end with The Imperial New Delhi handing out exciting vouchers, bumper surprises and happy smiles!